33 Reasons to Issue A Press Release for Your Small Business

There’s almost always a reason to issue a press release about a business. Here are 33 Newsworthy Reasons To Issue a Press Release.

  1. Counter a negative story or report online.
  2. Appointment to a respected board or committee
  3. Approved, recommended, or endorsed by a major partner, government agency or other player in your market.
  4. Articles recently published by or about you
  5. Books or other publications you are mentioned in
  6. Books you have written (in-print, ebook, etc.)
  7. Company anniversary
  8. Company, service, or an employee has received an award
  9. Contributions to charities (time or money)
  10. Employee retires after a long career with your company
  11. Expanded or more convenient business hours
  12. Free classes, seminar you are presenting
  13. White paper or special report offer
  14. Webinar, or Teleseminar that you are presenting
  15. Sponsor A Major Event
  16. Special Sales Promotion for customers
  17. Free information available from your website
  18. Free tip sheet, booklet, CD or other information product
  19. Free trial of your service
  20. Holding an anniversary (1st, 5th, 20th, etc. year of being in business)
  21. Holiday or seasonal-themed tie-ins or promotions
  22. Launched a new service or a new feature to an existing service
  23. Major new customer or contract
  24. Name change or new address
  25. New customer service features (new 1-800 line, new function on website, etc.)
  26. Newly hired employee with significant expertise or community recognition
  27. Open a second location or add other extra convenience for customers to get a hold of you, use your service, etc.
  28. Open house
  29. Radio or TV show appearances
  30. Recent accomplishments by you, and employee or your company
  31. Results of poll or survey that you’ve taken
  32. Results of new research
  33. Speak at a major event on behalf of the company