Local Business Marketing Trends 2018

A recent study conducted by BrandMuscle found that for local businesses messaging and search engine optimization are the most effective digital tactics in 2018 for marketing local businesses. The study also concluded that Snapchat  the social media network was the easiest to execute when it comes to social media marketing…

The report captures marketing and ad-spending trends among US small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The study covered small businesses that participate in co-op or MDF funding programs…

Via MarketingLand

The report offers a snapshot of tactics and attitudes among US small business marketers as a whole.

Interesting Findings

The report found that the vast majority of small businesses are doing their own marketing in-house. 64% of small business owners apparently are doing all the marketing themselves. According to the study authors this generally means poor execution – in other words the business owner gets poor results as a result of doing their own marketing.

local business marketingThe study discovered that only 3 percent of the small businesses surveyed were employing an outside agency or vendor, and only 7 percent had a dedicated marketing person on staff.

The study also finds that in  2017, small business owners adopted a range of new tactics, with the majority – the 63 percent – having tried 3-6 new marketing tactics.

The lessons for 2018?

Top Three Local Marketing Tactics for 2017

The top three tactics used by all the surveyed small and medium businesses were websites, Facebook Marketing and either email or direct mail. It was found that for the smallest businesses, direct mail substituted for email marketing as one of the top three tactics.

When businesses were asked where they intended to add or decrease budget — digital, traditional media, social and (offline) events — majorities in each case were holding the line. However, substantial minorities (40 percent and above) intended to increase budgets for events, digital and social.

It was also discovered that most small and medium businesses were a little confused and uncertain regarding the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.  Many business owners for example considered messaging to be the most effective digital tactic on the list, followed closely by local business SEO (search engine optimization), partly because these are also some of the easiest to implement…

And while most business owners see Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram as similarly effective, Instagram and Snapchat (in particular) were seen as less difficult to use.

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