Small Business Stealth Marketing Power Pack

Put yourself in a power position to grow your profits like never before…

“The Small Business Stealth Marketing Power Pack”

Six small business marketing/management guides for small business owners… premium training that could double or triple your profits fast, at a giveaway price.

Each of these six guides is a standalone report and we cover a full range of topics guaranteed to make your firm super-profitable …and the go-to business in your niche or industry.

Here’s what you get:

“How To Double Your Profits With Referral Marketing”

Do you want a cheap way to generate referrals and repeat business?

If you are offering a great product or providing a great service, chances are you are already getting referrals through word of mouth. referral marketingBut do you know how to convert the referrals you get into buyers and referrers? This guide will show you how to multiply your referrals without a lot of hard work. Stop chasing after customers. If you can implement the principles in this guide your referral generation engine will run on autopilot.

Referred leads are your ideal customers, and easy to turn into loyal customers and repeat buyers. With referrals you will rarely have issues with pricing, plus, you will enjoy unparalleled customer retention. Get good at converting your referred leads and you can dial your profits!


“How to Respond to Bad Online Reviews of Your Business, Win over New Customers & Grow Your Google Listing”

Do you know what to do when your customers complain online?

Have you thought about how you will handle it? It’s happening more and more everyday…and not just to ‘bad’ places, but to good businesses like yours.

Some customers today waste no time in going online  and posting angry, exaggerated, or even totally false ‘reviews’. …and people online take them seriously! They believe them.

And many of those people WOULD have been customers of yours…

But now they have doubts.

Do you want to grow your profits without a lot of hard work? This guide will show you the best practices where responding to bad online reviews is concerned, and why responding to online reviews helps your business to grow (by ensuring a great customer experience process, satisfied customers, and lots more referrals).

“How to Get Terrific Reviews on Demand on Google And Drive New Business & Sales”

Research shows that nearly 90% of your prospects will read online reviews before making any important buying decisions, even for products/services they intend to buy offline!

And so, you’ve got to implement a comprehensive online reviews strategy so you can increase your ranking in Google’s map results. Because this is, hands down, the #1 driver in new business and sales.

Online complaints can kill your business, whether you are aware of them or not.

Do you want peace of mind regarding your online reputation, and an inexpensive way to market your business and grow your profits?

Getting terrific reviews and citations is the easiest way for small businesses. This guide will show you how to put yourself in the driving seat and control what your customers see online when they search for businesses like yours.

“Customer Relationships Blueprint for Small Business Owners”

Discover the 5 steps to building and maintaining great relationships with your customers that drive referrals and endorsed relationships.

Today’s customers have lots of choices and they value a friend’s recommendation more than any advertising you could do. Building and maintaining good relationships with your customers is one of the best ways how to make your business referable

Would you like to have a business where you can sleep well at night without worrying where your next customers will be coming from – where you get referrals on autopilot? Building great relationships with your customers is where it’s at!

“3 Powerful Reasons Why Employees Should Be Concerned With Providing Awesome Customer Care”

Would you like to become the go-to business in your niche or industry and not have to worry if your employees are treating your customers right, behind your back?

Are your employees serious about customer care, or do they look at customer care as a service, or a privilege, or concession to be extended to your customers?

Don’t bet on it! Here’s how to make sure that your customer service is top-notch.

In this report we have explained the benefits to the employees of any business of providing good customer care so they can see what’s in it for them.




“Minimalist Marketing That Can Double Your Profits Fast.”

Would you like the ultimate accolade from your customers – customers that will recommend you enthusiastically to others and say, “You’ve got to buy this product or service like I did?”

The key lies in creating a great product or service that makes people happy, that causes them to buy again and causes them to enthusiastically tell their friends, and this has to be the central focal purpose of everything you do in business.


In this guide:

  • How to make your business referable
  • Marketing leverage for small businesses(how to get phenomenally better results for the same effort and marketing spend)
  • The holy trinity of repeat sales
  • How to build more customer loyalty
  • How to get your customers to spend more money with you

“Minimalist Marketing Maverick: Get Paid to Advertise Your Business”

Would you like a simple and inexpensive way how to use the web to get publicity and customers for YOUR business while increasing your visibility in the search engines – and making a profit in the process?

In this guide we’ll show you how, by cheaply outsourcing a popular marketing trend, you can keep your business in the news, get lots of positive publicity and authority to your website, submerge any bad reviews your business may have garnered online, and get endorsed relationships from your local community… all with one low cost campaign!

This stealth marketing power pack for small business owners is valued at $97. But we are not asking you to pay that much. For a limited time only, we are offering you this awesome marketing mega pack for only $27.

I guarantee that this is the best information available on these topics and if you can’t use this information to boost your profits then the problem won’t be the information but your commitment and implementation …or lack of it. If you think you might want your money back, then just keep it in your pocket and save everyone the headache.

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